Timber Frame Barn

Starting with a basic need (more room for the fall season), and a difficult goal (build an authentic barn structure made of all wood), County Line Orchard, Luke Builds, LLC, and Swan Timber Frames.com are pleased new announce the opening of our 29,000 sq/ft Timber Frame Barn.

Barn FAQs

Q. What's in the barn during apple season?

A. During apple season the barn will be stocked full of all your orchard favorites. Watch as we make our famous donuts, delicious caramel apples, pies, and fudge. We will also have a dessert window where you get your quick fix of pie and ice cream, sliced caramel apple or our latest offering the Donut Sundae, which comes with warm donuts vanilla ice cream, honey drizzle and whipped cream. You can also grab a bag of fresh apples and pick up a gift for loved one (or yourself).

Q. What's going to be in the original barn?

A. We will have an expanded dinning area to offer more seating for the Country Kitchen. If you are looking for a sit down meal then this is the stop. You will also find a small offering of the traditional orchard favorites too.

Q. How was the new barn constructed?

A. In keeping with County Line Orchard tradition our goal was to build a barn the way they did 100 years ago. All wood, post and beam – Oak Peg construction. Not one steel beam was used in the building. The entire structure pieced together one beam at a time secured using mortise and tenon joinery with oak pegs driven into every union.

In addition 2 concrete stave silo's where taken down and moved from Wakarusa, Indiana and incorporated into the structure.

Photos speak better than words. Check out the photo gallery below.

Q. What is the barn used for during the other 10 months of the year?

A. Both our new Timber Frame barn and our original Dairy Barn offer an amazing one of a kind event space that is the site of elegant receptions and weddings, corporate parties, and live music. Events Page