Honey Bees and the Importance of Polination

Honey Bee's play an essential role at County Line Orchard. We rely on Honey Bees to pollinate our apples and our pumpkins. Every spring we bring in 30 hives to work the apple blossoms and every summer we bring back another 30 hives to help with our pumpkins. Without honey bees much of the produce you are accustomed to eating would not exist! Thank you honey bee!

Types of Honey

Fresh Local Honey:

Our delicious honey is harvested by Ken Theis. He is our all knowing bee keeper who brings us our hives for pollination as well as loads of the best local honey available.

Unprocessed Honey

Fresh unprocessed and unfiltered is honey in its purest form. Available in 12 oz bears, 16oz, and 32oz jars.

Spun Honey

Unfiltered Honey that is whipped and chilled at 57 degrees until it becomes smooth and spreadable. If you have never tried spun honey we highly recommend you give it a try. Available in 20 oz jars.

Comb Honey

The most natural honey you can buy. Comb honey is taken directly from the hive just as the bees made it. It is in its natural state full of nutrients and flavor.

Chunk Honey

A large chunk of honey comb strait from the beehive smothered with freshly extracted liquid honey that has been extracted without the use of heat or heavy processing.

Honey Mustard

We also offer Honey Mustard a mixture of natural honey and mustard to create a sweet tangy sauce for all kinds of dishes.