County Line Orchard Grill

The Grill at County Line Orchard servers up a wide variety of traditional grill fare. So grab a fresh grilled burger or a tasty pulled pork sandwich and an old fashion soda and enjoy the day. We have a beautiful picnic area as well as ample seating inside the old barn. Be sure to catch some of the fantastic musicians featured on the Barnyard Jams stage.

Grill Menu:

Hot Dog$4.00$5.00
Grilled Cheese$4.00$5.00
Polish Sausage$5.00$6.00
Boca Burger$5.00$6.00
Pulled Pork$6.00$7.00
Chicken Sandwich$6.00$7.00
Double Bacon Cheese$8.00$9.00

*Meal includes choice of chips and drink

Kid's Milk$1.00
Pepsi Products$1.50
Old Fashioned Soda$1.50

Not to be Missed!

Roasted Indiana Sweet Corn
& Fried Yukon Gold Potatoes

(Adjacent to CLO Grill)

Hours of Operation:

The Grill is open all weekend days in September and October. Watch for special events hosted on Friday Night.