County Line Orchard Catering

County Line Orchard offers a full range of catering services for all occasions.

During apple season we can provide large quantities to serve Party Village or the Campfires. Outside of apple season we are host to upscale weddings, fundraisers, corporate parties, and trade shows. We have 2 facilities that are available for event booking.

The North Barn

A former dairy barn our original barn is perfect for hosting events up to 200 guests. Original barn wood throughout this facility is finished with modern amenities and creates a perfect setting for casual and upscale events.

The Timber Frame Barn

Constructed from sustainable harvested white pine and Douglas fir this facility was built using old world building techniques and was finished with upscale amenities. If you are looking for an event space to top all others we invite you on a tour of our Timber Frame Barn and you'll look no further.

Contact us at or call 219-947-4477
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